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The “Chinese Quantum Science Satellite” will launch in 2016 and aim to make China the first space -faring nation with quantum communication capability.Urban Heroes of Istanbul: It ;s About Public Space - HyperallergicISTANBUL — Last Monday night, the word on Twitter was that the police tanks were coming back to the Square from the southeast. Justin Bieber in space ? Make it so, Virgin Galactic! Virgin ;s billionaire founder, Richard Branson, reported in a Twitter tweet that the teenage pop star and his agent, Scooter Braun, have signed up to suborbital spaceflights:The Deep Space Tourbillon Is A One-Off, Handmade Watch That . - ESAESA ;s fourth Automated Transfer Vehicle, Albert Einstein, was launched into orbit last evening from Europe ;s Spaceport in Kourou, French Guiana. Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield, probably the most famous and beloved astronaut since Apollo 11 and certainly the best-known Canadian astronaut ever,Justin Bieber Ventures Into The Darkness Of Space Mountain With . Latest Outer Space News, Breaking Headlines | Science, Space. View exclusive solar system Images, latest astronomy news and more. Space | Define Space at noun 1. President Goodluck Jonathan made this . offers the late breaking headlines about outer space, space flight, science and astronomy news. the portion or. Visit Discovery News to see what's new with Space. China Reveals First Space -Based Quantum Communications . . Slooh: Snap Your Very Own High-Res Space Photos From Your iPadWay back in 2009, Slooh opened up its space telescope service to the everyman, meaning common folk could explore space and take live, high-res photos at their leisure—for a small fee, of course. How Can Couples Share Their Digital Space ? - LifehackerSharing your digital space with a partner can be a challenge. NASA - Space Shuttle brings you images, videos and interactive features from the unique perspective of America’s space agency

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